Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dad's going to write games!

Dream Run
Image courtesy of Rhys Davies

1972 was the year of Pong, and destiny was playful enough to make me come to life this same year. After a decade of random navigation in the serious world, writing business plan stuffs and trying to convince myself that the game business was not worth to go in, I feel the urgency right now to dive into game creation.

First off, there is no bad reasons to write games. Some say that making games is the only serious reason to practice computer science. That sounds a little extreme, but anyway, that's not the point. The point is: this is what lies inside me, in the deepest of my mind. I wouldn't even imagine getting old and say to myself "hey dude, you never wrote 1 game (except those odd flying pixels on your 32Kb TO7)".

Funny enough, that's my son - a Mario addict - that saw me debugging some obscure source code and asked "will you ever write games?". I was confused about my future, threaten by code outsourcing, condemned to project-management tasks. But my son's cleverness was like a light in the dark.
So yes kid, dad's going to write games!


  1. I was almost on the same situation as you, except for the son part. I've been delaying my desire to gamedev for about 12 years, thanks to the business stuff.

    But decided it was enough. I can't delay the passion anymore. Everything tied together last week. This week I launched my indie game site. And now I'm putting everything together.

    Good luck for both of us!

  2. Another difference is that you are *young* (23 is definitely young!).
    But you still got the point, and we are indeed in a very similar situation ("I can't delay the passion anymore" too). One day, we all have to unleash our passion...
    And yes, good luck for both of us!