Friday, August 20, 2010

20 Gamescom cool pics

I’m just back from two days in Cologne, it was my first Gamescom, and my very first videogame show outside France as well. All I can say is that it was terrific! Here are some cool pictures from the show.

I got your attention now. These two girls were the nicest and, as you guessed, the cutest of the show. Proof that Germany hold massive destruction weapons.

Machinarium artwork on a wall. Indie games are in the house!

Brock Jones, the “50% producer, 50% engineer, 50% whatever-else” guy from the Runic Games, the 30 people team that worked on Torchlight 2. I tried the game and it’s awesome.

Justin, from the Eyepet team at Sony London Studios. This very nice guy took the time to explain me how the PS Move works with the Eyepet, the result is very impressive and accurate. The best use of the PS Move so far.

“Hey, young males, let me explain you, games are not free, not free like in not free (german) beer.”

Louis-Marie Rocques, the founder of Eversim. His new game is a highly realistic geopolotic simulation. This guy is also my new hero since I discover he’s responsible of L’aigle d’Or on Oric Atmos, and all the Silmarils titles on ST/Amiga.

This is the moment to NOT loudly claim that Episode One is crappy.

Preinstalled with the Gamescom.

You should know these guys if 1) you like videogames 2) you’re french. They are members of the amazing Gamekult team! I did appreciate their kind words and availability.

Skeletor’s PC for surfing and dating (when He-Man leaves him alone).

I think this is a MP3 player. As a bonus feature, it desintegrates everybody around when playing Britney Spears.

This is not a toaster, but maybe you can find a way to burn your bread with that.

The PC of Jules Vernes unveiled!

The invention of the penalty-without-goalkeeper. Clever.

Lazy aspiring assassins.

T-fighter pilot leveling.

The senior zone.

Napoleon using cheatcodes (Civilization V).

Kids joining the army after eating popcorns.

I finished my trip by visiting the cathedrale of Cologne, wonderfull, OK, but it’s 100% ripped off from DMC.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures…